About Me

Lani Gordon is an inspired and dedicated performer, and teacher in a variety of different arts.  Since as far back as she can remember Lani has been passionate about the art of movement.  She has trained in yoga, aerial yoga, dance, fire dance, aerial acrobatics, and partner acrobatics.  She has performed around the country with a variety of companies and musicians including, Quixotic Fusion, Cirque USA, The String Cheese Incident, Cosmic Fire, Emancipator, and Lunar Fire.  
 One of her favorite things in life is sharing these passions with others.  In the last four years she has been teaching many forms of movement art to a vast variety of people around the country.  She currently teaches for the Quixotic School of Performing art,  Aircat Aerial Yoga.  She also loves production and management and is currently the manager of the Boulder Circus Center and is a member of the Fractal Tribe arts collective. 
  With a shared passion in holistic medicine and education in nutrition, massage and yoga Lani’s combined knowledge of movement art and health offer a unique experience in each of her classes and performances.  Lani’s goal is to bring joy into other’s lives through the exploration of what we are capable of in our bodies.  She strives to make dreams a reality and help others to discover that anything is possible.

Lani is the epitome of someone who truly strives to make a difference and she brings so much to the table. Whoever gets the opportunity to work with her will feel the same way.
Daniel Barickman,Quixotic Fusion