Nov 22, 2014

Jan 6, 2014

Julia Set Partner Acrobatics Photo shoot
 with photographer Devon Tackles 

Dec 19, 2013

Fractal Tribe

We are excited to announce that we recently launched our Fractal Tribe website.  Wisit  for galleries, videos artists, performances and skills that our community offer.
Workshops in the Washington DC area

Joe Ramas and Lani Gordon of Julia set just finished a great workshop in Washington DC.  We loved meeting this community and are looking forward to setting up more classes in our visits in 2014.  Photos by Brian Cruikshank 

Oct 23, 2012

Red River Gorge climbing trip October 2012

Sending Whip-Stocking 5.11a at the drive by crag photo by Edwin Teran

Boulder Circus Center Manager

I am happy to announce that myself and Mark Stamfle are the new Boulder Circus Center Managers.   The Boulder Circus Center is a great space with 2 large rooms for all sorts of circus training, events, workshops and classes. We have 24 foot ceilings plenty of rigging space for aerialists, mirrors and so much more.  For information about using the space and a current schedule please visit

Oct 8, 2012

Pro- Active Chiropractic

I don't often post to recommend different body workers but Stephen Melis has caused dramatic changes for me and I only hope that others get the oppertunity to expereince his work:

Hands down the best massage and chiropractic I have ever experiences, from fixing long-term injuries in less than 2 sessions, aiding in emotional releases that I didn't even see coming, and an incredible change in my endurance,strength, and performance Stephen Melis has had dramatic affects on my hobbies, mind and body. From hearing many others say the same I would highly recommend seeing him.  I would be willing to fly to Colorado just to do so. Check out his website for a good video showing his work.